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We are located in Boston University's Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering at: 
610 Commonwealth Ave (5th Floor)
Boston, MA 02215

 Molecular engineering 

 for cell biology & 


Welcome to the Ngo Lab at Boston University! 

We are interested in achieving a multi-scale understanding of the molecular organization of life. How do monomeric building blocks form macromolecules? and how do macromolecules give rise to organelles and cells? To address these questions, we use molecular engineering to probe and re-program how cells communicate with one another at cell-cell interfaces. We then leverage these tools to gain insight into natural biology and to overcome roadblocks in the development of cell therapies and tissue engineered systems. 

A recent talk on our Synthetic Mechanobiology work can be viewed here:

Recent Highlights

"Tension-Tuned SynNotch Receptors for Synthetic Mechanotransduction and Intercellular Force Detection."

Sloas, D.C., Tran, J.C., Marzilli, A.M., Ngo, J.T.
In press, Nature Biotechnology
  |  Feature in Nature Methods  

sNRR cartoon.jpg

"Controlled protein activities with viral proteases, antiviral peptides, and antiviral drugs"
Tague, E.P., McMahan, J.B., Tague, N., Dunlop, M.B., Ngo, J.T.

In press, ACS Chemical Biology


"Fe-TAMLs as a new class of small molecule peroxidase probes for correlated light and electron microscopy"

Adams, S.R., Mackey, M.R., Ramachandra, R., Deerinck, T.J., Castillon, G.A., Phan, S., Hu, J., Boassa, D., Ngo, J.T., Ellisman, M.H.

Preprint, biorxiv

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